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Welcome to VOICE | Guild of Announcers and Voice Artists

- Home of the good voices!

Did you ever ask yourself: Where exactly can I find practically every well known austrian voice actor? Well, we asked ourselves the same question before founding our association. Freely adapted from the motto: „voice-people of all countries unite!“ we created an association to protect the rights of our craft. Thanks to decades of brilliant work from our members (you may remember us from movies as…) VOICE became a quality label, which so many (peacock-)colleagues borrow to adorn their plumes with. Don't worry, we sound way better than our feathered friends, but by request we can deliver the black swan as well. And for those who are more at home in the circus world than in bird life: here you can find the right artists for any kind, shape, or form of vocal acrobatics. Because voices just have to sound right, right?

`Nuff said! Go find the right voice for your project now!