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Voice characteristics:

Voice quality: baritone, bass, dynamic, multifaceted, powerful, distinctive, mature, earnest, sonorous, warm, soft

Voice age: 45-60, > 60


Römerquelle, Wüstenrot, Hartlauer, Melitta, Miele, Profil, ORF, Filmsynchronisationen, Direktion Eigenes Tourneeunternehmen DER GRÜNE WAGEN

Working spheres:

Audio guides, Computer games, Documentaries, Audio books / radio plays, Image film/video, industrial film / video, Readings, Poetry / Prose, Off-text / voice-over, Radio feature, Synchronization / film, Telephone / telephone answering service, Cartoons, TV commercials, Radio commercials, Advertising TV lip synchronization, Scientific texts

Native languages:

German/Germany, German/Austria

Foreign languages:

Very good knowledge of English, good knowledge of French, Italian&Spanish basic


Berlin, Hamburg, Rheinisch, Westfälisch, Schwäbisch

About the person:

For „Der Grüne Wagen“ he played the title role in „Uncle Wanja“ und „He“ in The Open Couple by Dario Fo.2004 he became Director-Producer of DER GRÜNE WAGEN (Tournee Theater Thomas Stroux GmbH). Since then 10 mayor roles in his own stage direction.2006 The GOLDEN CROSS for merits for the Republic of Austria.Radio and TV speaking : A huge amount of radio plays and literary programs for the ORF, also innumerous documentaries (voice overs). – In Advertising: hundrets of radio- and television spots, industrial films (also in english – he was married to an english woman). Over 10 years he was the main speaker for Wüstenrot - he claimed for 6 years Römerquelle belebt die Sinne. For Miele he guaranteed as Butler James until 2007 Verlässlichkeit für viele Jahre, over 10 years he adviced Tigern Sie zum Löwen, and eventually he was for 7 years the main voice of the magazin Profil: Und wie viel Profil hat Ihre Meinung Since 2004 his work in studios had to be reduced, because of taking over the greatest Austrian theatre touring company DER GRÜNE WAGEN. Up to over 100 performances per year in all German speaking countries (plus over 50000 km every year).Also see website