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Voice characteristics:

Voice quality: dynamic, multifaceted, impudent, fresh, bright, young, mezzo-soprano, potentially powerful, very feminine, earnest, sensual, tenor, deep, warm, soft, gentle

Voice age: 18-25, 25-35


ORF (Newton,, Universum etc), OE1, FM4, Synchro: Kino (SK Film) Lesungen:Kriminacht, Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur, div. Hörspielverlage (Schwarzer, audiomagazine, edition-o), Jane Goodall Institut, Werbung: ERSTE BANK, BMW,

Working spheres:

Audio guides, Comedy, Computer games, Documentaries, Singing, Audio books / radio plays, Image film/video, industrial film / video, Readings, Poetry / Prose, Presentations, Off-text / voice-over, Radio feature, Synchronization / film, Telephone / telephone answering service, Cartoons, TV commercials, Radio commercials, Advertising TV lip synchronization

Native languages:

German/Germany, German/Austria

Foreign languages:

English fluently, French, Italian


Vienna, American, Bavarian

About the person:

From 1997 until 2001 she studied at both schools acting and musical theatre in Vienna and Munich. In Berlin she attended film training classes at the Actors Lodge Berlin, where she was trained and learned about Stella Adlers work and training. 1999 she made her debut at the Salzburger Festspiele Festival (1999-2001). Numerous engagements in Germany and Austria followed, amongst others at the Volkstheater and Raimundtheater in Vienna, Gruppe 80, Wald4tler Hoftheater, Metropol, and Stadttheater Klagenfurt.After working for over six years on stage she also made her first appearances in films and on TV. In 2005 she won two lead roles in the same year, auditioning for the German TV mini series Stadt, Land, Mord and the Austrian-German Co-Production Soko Vienna/Soko Wien/Soko Donau.