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Voice characteristics:

Voice quality: dynamic, multifaceted, impudent, fresh, bright, young, powerful, mezzo-soprano, potentially powerful, very feminine, sensual, warm, soft, gentle

Voice age: 18-25, 25-35, 35-45


Hitradio Ö3 Stationvoice, ORF (national TV Station), Bipa, Gerngross, XXXLutz, Media Markt, Nivea Angel Stars, Austria Trend Hotels, Sony Music, Rotes Kreuz, Volksbank, Anker, Allianz, Gröbi

Working spheres:

Audio guides, Computer games, Documentaries, Singing, Audio books / radio plays, Image film/video, industrial film / video, Off-text / voice-over, Station voice, Synchronization / film, Telephone / telephone answering service, Cartoons, TV commercials, Radio commercials, Advertising TV lip synchronization

Native languages:


Foreign languages:



Vienna, Upper Austria, French

About the person:

Tina Schosser is a professional voice actor, studio singer and composer/songwriter. Her speaking voice is well known in Austria as stationvoice of Hitradio Ö3 (Austrian national Radiostation, since 2011). In November 2018 she also started working as an announcer for Austria’s national TV Station (ORF 1).

Tina Schosser owns a professional studio and can maintain Source Connect connections for live recordings to any studio worldwide.