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Voice characteristics:

Voice quality: contralto, baritone, bass, dark, dynamic, multifaceted, impudent, fresh, bright, young, powerful, distinctive, potentially powerful, mature, very masculine, earnest, sensual, sonorous, tenor, deep, full bodied, voluminous, warm, soft, gentle

Voice age: 25-35, 35-45, 45-60


Brieflos, Toto, Elk-Fertighaus, Liwest...u.v.a.

Working spheres:

Audio guides, Comedy, Computer games, Documentaries, E-learning, Singing, Audio books / radio plays, Image film/video, industrial film / video, Readings, Poetry / Prose, Presentations, Off-text / voice-over, Radio feature, Station voice, Voice imitation, Synchronization / film, Telephone / telephone answering service, Cartoons, TV commercials, Radio commercials, Advertising TV lip synchronization, Scientific texts

Native languages:

German/Germany, German/Austria

Foreign languages:



Vienna, Styria, Tyrol, Burgenland, Carinthia, Switzerland, Spanish, Italian, French, English, American

About the person:

Wolf FRANK has been an all-round entertainer for over 30 years, with the main areas of moderation / voice imitation / advertising and dubbing language / singing and acting. As a speaker and singer, he can be used not only with his pleasant, flexible voice as on or off, but also with his over 50 voice imitations. Because of this flexible application, FRANK has been an integral part of the Austrian speaking scene for over three decades.

Wolf FRANK has a professional home recording option.

The recordings can be emailed as wav or mp3 files or made available for download.

Texts and stage directions are accepted by email, phone, WhatsApp telephony or video telephony or via Skype. Transmission via SessionLinkPRO is also possible.