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Patrick Messe

One of austrias best voices
Ein gutaussehender lächelnder Mann mit brau-blauen Augen und kurzem, gepflegten Vollbart
Imagefilm - Austrospace - inspirierend
Werbung - Gösser - männlich
Dokutainment - Viel für Wenig - locker
Trailer - bestes Stück - sympathisch
Rumänisch - Erklärfilm - Bosch - freundlich
Englisch - Trailer - in a world - tief, cool
Italienisch - Image - Move - energiegeladen
Dokumentation - Dolomiten - episch
Erklärfilm - Ökostrom - kompetent
Podcast - rethinking memory - smooth
Werbung - Burger - cool
Image - Bayernland - begeistert
Station Voice - ORF Radio Wien - news sachlich
Werbung - Coffee Circle - begeistert
Telefon - Ökostrom - entspannt
Veranstaltung - Intro - freundlich, cool
Trailer - John Wick 2 - cool
Werbung - Rituals - besinnlich
Hörbuch - Roman - Mary
English (C2), Italian (C1)
Sprache / Native
German / Germany
Dialekt (eigene)
bavarian, swabian
Besondere Merkmale
Remote Recording Möglichkeit
Über mich
A good voiceover artist is much like a good whisky. He gets only gets better with age. This one has his origin in the turfy highlands of Transsilvania and aged 21 years in a bavarian wheatbeer barrell.

He shelters an ancient soul in a juvenile body. The first giveaway is his deep and smoky velvet voice. Looking closer, more evidence completes the picture: he loves whisky, jazz, his wife and his two children - though not necessarily in that order.

When recording studios all over the world point their spotlight toward the sky in desperate need for a real voice actor, he vaults into his “Patmobile” and is ready to go. He’s the man who guarantees to please (the booking ladies). A stable structure on which you can build your film on - sometimes warm, friendly and familiar, and sometimes cooler than Wim Hoffs bathtub.

That’s not coming from him, but these quotes come from the proverbial horse’s mouth of verified clients such as: Gösser, A1, Mc Donald’s, Samsung, Constantin Film or OMV. You’ll have to find out for yourself whether all the ‘Start-ups’ were mistaken.

Booth: Studiobricks One Plus VO Edition
Microphone: Neumann U87
Interface: RME Fireface
Speaker: Neumann KH 120 A
Headphones: Sennheiser HD 600
DAW: Reaper
Audiodirecting possible via Zoom
Remote recording via Session Link Pro or Source Connect
Gösser, McDonalds, Constantin Film, Cineplexx, NÖM, ÖBB, BMW, UNIQA, ARTE, ORF, BR, SF1, Servus TV, Theramed, Canal+